Why choose us


We are different.

  • Our academic background is different. We are more than geeks. We are business people. We know the importance of the Return On Investment. That is the reason our focus is to maximize the ROI of your PPC campaigns.
  • Our culture and our languages are different. That gives us an edge over the others. We can help your business to grow in other countries. We are your chance to become international.
  • We do just PPC Management. We are one of the few companies highly specialized in such a field. We are not a simple Digital Marketing-All the Digital Services company;
  • We are a company but not a huge company. So what?
    • Not too little…
      It means that every person on our team has the possibility to be highly specialized in just one PPC sector. We collaborate together, we organize and we share our competencies in order to give you the best results ever.
    • Not too large…
      It means less organizational costs and the cheapest PPC services.
      It means that ROSSIWeb can offer you customized solutions. Your campaigns are not set up using automatic systems/platforms. We set up and manage every single PPC campaigns differently than any other client’s PPC campaign.
We are people that care.
At ROSSIWeb, we think that every client and every PPC campaign are unique. For us, your business matters. You are not just a number.
We look for excellence.
We apply all the best practices in PPC management and optimization.

As if that is not enough:

  • We are Adwords and Bing PPC certified specialists.
  • We have a behavioral code: we stress being transparent. Before you contact us, you know our prices. After you require our services, we care that you know what we are doing for your PPC campaigns and that is why we will provide you with a monthly report.
  • We are readily available to our clients. Get in touch. We will answer you within the 24 hours (even if it is Sunday).