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LOCAL PPC-optimizIf you have a local business, local advertisement can be a very good way to promote your business.
In our days, local ads are more than leaflets and posters. It’s local PPC.
Local PPC ads promote your business on the web.
In such a way, you can reach people that live near your shop and that are searching for it from their home.
Because of smartphones, iPhones and of the tablets local ads promote and gain visibility between people that are near your shop while they are on a stroll, they’re visiting your city or just during the lunch time. So, when they are around for whatever reasons and watching their mobile phone they can find your shop/your office.
What better way to promote your business?
The only requirement you need for starting with Local PPC Campaigns? Having a responsive/mobile website!


Contact us and tell us about your business, your goals, your budget and what kind of other digital advertising you are doing. And then? After any agreements we will proceed with the following:


  • Adwords Express
  • Adwords Geo Targets
  • Bing Local
  • Bing Geo Targets
  • Social media local awareness


  • Daily/weakly changes of keywords/bids
  • Monthly report


Are you ready to start with Local PPC Management? Do you need further information? Get in touch today.
Have you any doubts? Contact us for a FREE PPC PLAN. We’ll get in touch in just 24h.
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