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Ecommerce PPC requires a different kind of care and attention with respect to the other PPC campaigns.

For e-commerce it is not just a matter of selling online products.
For e-commerce businesses having a focus on ROI is essential.

How to maximize the ROI of e-commerce PPC campaigns

The first point is a market analysis to understand the online customers and how they interact with your website. Taking a look at competition is fundamental, too.
Secondly, the development of the potential winning tactic. Which channels will be the most profitable? Which kind of campaigns would be the most successful?
Third the strategy: the technical PPC implementation.


INTEGRATED PLATFORM SOLUTIONS: Adwords, Bing and Social Media PPC shopping campaigns.
INTEGRATED NETWORKS: a mix between shopping campaigns management and of search, display and remarketing/dynamic remarketing campaigns management.

  • Shopping campaigns: feed creation and optimization, products listing ads management to ensure the maximum exposure of your product to as many people as possible.
  • Search campaigns: campaign structure, optimization and custom bidding strategies to maximize ROI for each individual product.
  • Remarketing/dynamic remarketing campaigns: to reach the people that have previously visited your website or better show your visitors the ads that contain products and services they viewed on your website
  • Display campaigns/video campaigns: sometimes the ability of selling a product is a matter of trust, or better a matter of brand. Display and video campaigns can help your business to achieve this goal.


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